chat only client?

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chat only client?

Post by yakko » 2003-03-01 16:27

I'm not a programmer at all, but I was wondering how difficult it'd be to make a chat only version of DC++. It'd let people that can't connect to their favorite hubs still chat when they're not able to share (hubs with VIP access or no share limits that is).

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Post by Spykie » 2003-03-02 06:37

I was thinking of the same thing the other day :)
Would be nice to have a chat only client aswell :)

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Post by ivulfusbar » 2003-03-02 13:18

you can easily write a dc<-->irc bridge for example, i did it once....
Everyone is supposed to download from the hubs, - I don´t know why, but I never do anymore.