A few things to think about when (before) posting...

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A few things to think about when (before) posting...

Post by arnetheduck » 2003-01-05 20:01

Well, to make these forums as nice as possible for everyone, make sure that:

1) You're not posting duplicates. Check the old posts, somebody might already have thought of what you're about to write...
2) You're not advertising hubs. There's a public hub list for those that want to know about new hubs, but we certainly don't! *Exception* A small discrete addie in your signature is ok, the point is that I don't want posts containing only a hub addie, i e make sure to write something useful as well!
3) You're nice to the others. Calling people idiots usually says more about yourself than the other person.
4) You've thought about what you're about to write, and as important, how you write it. The answers you'll get will never be better than the question you ask!

It shouldn't be too hard now, should it?

Here are some useful links to help you out (after having read "Readme.txt" and preferably "Changelog.txt"): Use them wisely before posting, your question might already be answered!
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