Qn 2. Can Completed Downloads be re-queued as...

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Qn 2. Can Completed Downloads be re-queued as...

Post by Asc3nti0n » 2006-07-05 02:41

I then find that my intended destination partition/HDD no longer has enough room for any of these downloads. THat's fine, my bad, i didn't check to see if there would be enough room... using "Favourite Download Locations" i no longer check to see how much room is left as often as we all used to. that's not a problem really, it's just an adjustment on the users end.

Once a download has hit 100% can there be any feedback from the move thread as to how far through moving a file from the "Incomplete Download Location" to the "Download Location" And if for instance the intended download location doesn't have enough space, can they be queued for a while and allow the user to re-destine them? or clean up the drive and resume the file-move?

Qn 2: a) Since there are numerous more "Windows" than their used to, can another be created for "Files to be Moved"?
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