Remove/add sources alphabetized

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Remove/add sources alphabetized

Post by Cheezez » 2006-01-13 20:52

How about a little cleanup here, or maybe a search function?
If I only want to DL from one user, its a pain in the ass to make that happen when nearly 200 users has been added. And when some of them got speeds up to a record breaking 1kB/s its a little annoying. (f.i. two files on like 6-700 MB's each. One is due in an hour but the 2nd need like a couple days.)
How about something that organized the source list so removing and adding a user among hundreds of other becomes a little less timeconsuming? with the 0.674 i have to browse through all of them to find the user I like to keep (or remove).
And maybe the ability to remove users from folders instead of only single files?
And a 3rd thing, a list of all he users in the queue? To remove some ppl you know usually have very bad speeds (like the "psv" and ppl who dont know where they live "??" =P) The 3rd thing is not so important, but maybe a useful thing?. But I'd really like to have the sources list organized. =)
P.s. If this is done in 0.68 Great=) Havent checked the changelog. Probably should have before writing this..
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Post by Todi » 2006-01-13 20:55

DC++ 0.68 supports automatic dropping of sources that go below a set speed.