When downloading directories with the same name

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When downloading directories with the same name

Post by chrille112 » 2005-12-08 03:13


Say that you download a directory "setup" from user foo. After adding that to the download queue, you download another directory "setup" from user boo.

That second directory is being added to the first setup dir, and I end up with a setup dir with mixed files from setup programs.

Is this possible to get around? Maybe a suffix could be added to the dir name; setup and setup(1) - if possible a prompt could pop up asking if I want to add a suffix or not.


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Post by dissident » 2005-12-08 11:33

I find this current behavior very useful. Often I'll queue a folder containing a set of files only to discover the file set is incomplete.
When this happens I simply queue the same folder from a different user. This adds the missing files to my queue in the original, incomplete folder.

Adding a prompt would suit both our needs. A settings option to rename/resuse/prompt would be better. However, I'd rather see work focused elsewhere.

Things you could try right now:
- If no files have started downloading in the 1st folder.. you could rename it in your queue with the context menu. Then download the second folder normally.
- If you are about to download a folder you know already exists.. download the 2nd folder using the context menu "download to..." and create a sub folder to download to.
Not ideal but how often is this required?