contribute to dch++... can I?

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contribute to dch++... can I?

Post by CioDu » 2003-12-08 19:17

Hi people.

I'd like to contribute to this new hub software in the only way you can find me competent, translating the language file into italian, since from this thread it seems like there is a sort of "language file", maybe something like the xml language file in dc++?
from BSOD2600 post:
* Internationalization
You can load different language files to be used when communicating with the users.
this makes me think there is a language file...

so... is my help wanted/needed? I would be glad if I can translate the language file, something like a way to help the dc++/dch++ communiti... actually, the only way, since I'm not a programmer...

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Post by BSOD2600 » 2003-12-09 00:01

Here is the main language files if you/others want to convert it in preperation for its release:


Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>

<Language Name="Example Language">


      <String Name="AddressAlreadyInUse">Address already in use</String>

      <String Name="AddressNotAvailable">Address not available</String>

      <String Name="B">B</String>

      <String Name="BadIp">Your client's IP is incorrectly configured, and you will therefore be disconnected. Either you have to enter the correct one in the IP field in your client settings or try passive mode. Your current ip is: </String>

      <String Name="BadPassword">Bad password or username</String>

      <String Name="BeenFlooding">You've been flooding...</String>

      <String Name="BeenKicked">You were kicked...</String>

      <String Name="ConnectionClosed">Connection closed</String>

      <String Name="ConnectionRefused">Connection refused by target machine</String>

      <String Name="ConnectionReset">Connection reset by server</String>

      <String Name="ConnectionTimeout">Connection timeout</String>

      <String Name="DescriptionTooLong">Your description is %d characters too long</String>

      <String Name="DiscFull">Disc full</String>

      <String Name="EnterPassword">Please send your password</String>

      <String Name="Flooding">You're flooding. Adios.</String>

      <String Name="Gb">GB</String>

      <String Name="HostUnreachable">Host unreachable</String>

      <String Name="HubFull">Hub is currently full</String>

      <String Name="InvalidLevel">Invalid level</String>

      <String Name="IpUnallowed">You're connecting from an IP that's not allowed (banned) on this hub. If you feel this is wrong, you can always try contacting the owner of the hub.</String>

      <String Name="Kb">kB</String>

      <String Name="Mb">MB</String>

      <String Name="NickInvalid">Your nick contains invalid characters. Adios.</String>

      <String Name="NickTaken">Your nick is already taken, please select another one</String>

      <String Name="NickTooLong">Your nick is %d characters too long</String>

      <String Name="NoPassiveSearches">Passive searching is disabled on this hub and will not work. Please configure your client and/or firewall correctly to use active mode instead.</String>

      <String Name="NonBlockingOperation">Non-blocking operation still in progress</String>

      <String Name="NotConnected">Not connected</String>

      <String Name="NotSocket">Not a socket</String>

      <String Name="OperationWouldBlockExecution">Operation would block execution</String>

      <String Name="OutOfBufferSpace">Out of buffer space</String>

      <String Name="PermissionDenied">Permission denied</String>

      <String Name="PermBanned">You're permanently banned from this hub. Go away.</String>

      <String Name="PermBannedReason">You're permanently banned from this hub because: </String>

      <String Name="ShareSizeNotMet">Share size requirement not met, you need to share %s more.</String>

      <String Name="SocketShutDown">Socket shut down</String>

      <String Name="Tb">TB</String>

      <String Name="TempBanned">You're banned from this hub (time left: %s).</String>

      <String Name="TempBannedReason">You're banned from this hub (time left: %s) because: </String>

      <String Name="UnableToCreateThread">Unable to create thread</String>

      <String Name="UnknownAddress">Unkown address</String>

      <String Name="UnknownError">Unknown error: 0x%x</String>

      <String Name="UnregisteredUnallowed">Unregistered users are not allowed to connect to this hub. Go away.</String>




Code: Select all

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>
<Language Name="Example Language">
      <String Name="GetAvailableCommands">Get available commands</String>
      <String Name="GetServerTime">Get server time</String>
      <String Name="GetHubStatistics">Get hub statistics</String>
      <String Name="SendMassMessage">Send mass message</String>
      <String Name="UserInfo">Userinfo</String>
      <String Name="IpInfo">IpInfo</String>
      <String Name="RegisterUser">Register user</String>
      <String Name="ChangeMyPassword">Change my password</String>
      <String Name="UnregisterUser">Unregister user</String>
      <String Name="IsRegistered">Is registered</String>
      <String Name="ShowPassword">Show password</String>
      <String Name="BanByNickAndIp">Ban by nick and IP</String>
      <String Name="BanByNick">Ban by nick</String>
      <String Name="BanByIp">Ban by IP</String>
      <String Name="ClearTempbans">Clear tempbans</String>
      <String Name="DisconnectUser">Disconnect user</String>
      <String Name="ChangeTimeOfAllBannedNicks">Change time of all banned nicks</String>
      <String Name="ChangeTimeOfAllBannedIps">Change time of all banned IPs</String>
      <String Name="ShowAllBannedNicks">Show all banned nicks</String>
      <String Name="ShowAllBannedIps">Show all banned IPs</String>
      <String Name="ShowAllAllowedIps">Show all allowed IPs</String>
      <String Name="AllowAnIpRange">Allow an IP (range)</String>
      <String Name="ShowAllUserlevels">Show all userlevels</String>
      <String Name="SetUserlevelSettings">"Set userlevel settings</String>
      <String Name="GetHubMaxuserSetting">Get hub maxuser setting</String>
      <String Name="SetHubMaxuserSetting">Set hub maxuser setting</String>
      <String Name="ChangeRedirectAddress">Change redirect address</String>
      <String Name="RedirectEveryNewUser">Redirect every new user</String>
      <String Name="GetTemporaryRedirectAddress">Get temporary redirect address</String>
      <String Name="TurnOffTemporaryRedirecting">Turn off temporary redirecting</String>
      <String Name="ReloadMotdAndSaveAccessLists">Reload motd and save access lists</String>
      <String Name="GetOrSetSetting">Get / set a setting</String>
      <String Name="GetAllHubSettings">Get all hub settings</String>

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Post by CioDu » 2003-12-09 11:36

ooh, thank you... I'll start translating soon... maybe this week-end

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Post by CioDu » 2003-12-14 15:15

i need explainations about some strings to translate properly...
<String Name="AddressAlreadyInUse">Address already in use</String>
is this the "you are trying to connect to a hub tou are already connected" messagge?
<String Name="AddressNotAvailable">Address not available</String>
does this come when you put a non-existing dns or something like when you put a space before or after the hub address?
<String Name="DiscFull">Disc full</String>
shouldn't this be a client message? i mean, if i download too much and i get my hd full it is dc++ that tells me, not ptokax or yhub or verli... or am i wrong? really curious about this...
<String Name="InvalidLevel">Invalid level</String>
is this a sort of internal error of the hub? something like a user is registered with level set to 5 when levels are 1-2-3-4 ?

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Post by arnetheduck » 2003-12-14 16:20

<String Name="AddressAlreadyInUse">Address already in use</String>

Starting hub on an busy port
<String Name="AddressNotAvailable">Address not available</String>

DNS Lookup failed (probably for some plugin, should never happen)
<String Name="DiscFull">Disc full</String>

Hub computer ran out of space (ovviamente)
<String Name="InvalidLevel">Invalid level</String>

...while trying to register user to a level that doesn't exist.

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French translation

Post by PhunkyPhruit » 2004-11-12 23:25

Hey all!

I translated both XML files into french, incase you'd need them. here they are:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>

<Language Name="Français">


<String Name="AddressAlreadyInUse">Addresse déjà utilisée</String>

<String Name="AddressNotAvailable">Addresse inaccessible</String>

<String Name="B">B</String>

<String Name="BadIp"> L'adresse IP de votre client est mal configurée, et vous serez donc déconnecté(e). Vous pouvez soit entrer la bonne adresse dans le champ "Adresse IP" dans les paramètres de configuration, soit essayer de vous connecter en mode passif. votre adresse IP actuelle est:

<String Name="BadPassword">Mot de passe ou nom d'usager non reconnu.</String>

<String Name="BeenFlooding">Vous avez spammé...</String>

<String Name="BeenKicked">Vous avez été banni...</String>

<String Name="ConnectionClosed">Connection fermée</String>

<String Name="ConnectionRefused">Connection refusée par la machine cible</String>

<String Name="ConnectionReset">Connection réétablie par le serveur</String>

<String Name="ConnectionTimeout">Connection expirée</String>

<String Name="DescriptionTooLong">Votre description est trop longue de %d caractères</String>

<String Name="DiscFull">Disque plein</String>

<String Name="EnterPassword">Veuillez envoyer votre mot de passe.</String>

<String Name="Flooding">Vous êtes en train de flooder. Au revoir.</String>

<String Name="Gb">GB</String>

<String Name="HostUnreachable">Impossible de contacter le host.</String>

<String Name="HubFull">Le hub est plein.</String>

<String Name="InvalidLevel">Niveau invalide</String>

<String Name="IpUnallowed"> Vous vous connectez depuis in ordinateur dont l'adress IP n'est pas acceptée (bannie) sur ce hub. Si vous jugez ceci incorrect, vous pouvez toujours essayer de contacter le propriétaire de ce hub.</String>

<String Name="Kb">kB</String>

<String Name="Mb">MB</String>

<String Name="NickInvalid">Votre pseudonyme contient des caractères inappropriés. Au revoir.</String>

<String Name="NickTaken"> Votre pseudonyme est déjà pris. Veuillez en choisir un autre.</String>

<String Name="NickTooLong">Votre pseudonyme est %d caractères trop long</String>

<String Name="NoPassiveSearches"> Les recherches en mode passif sont désactivées sur ce hub et ne fonctionneront pas. Veuillez configuer votre client et/ou firewall correctement pour pouvoir utiliser le mode actif.</String>

<String Name="NonBlockingOperation">Opération de déblocage encore en cours </String>

<String Name="NotConnected">Déconnecté</String>

<String Name="NotSocket">"Socket" invalide</String>

<String Name="OperationWouldBlockExecution">Cette opération pourrait bloquer l'exécution</String>

<String Name="OutOfBufferSpace">Plus de "buffer space"</String>

<String Name="PermissionDenied">Permission refusée</String>

<String Name="PermBanned">Vous êtes banni de ce hub. Allez-vous en.</String>

<String Name="PermBannedReason"> Vous avez été banni de hub pour cause: </String>

<String Name="ShareSizeNotMet">Taille de fichiers partagés insuffisante par %s.</String>

<String Name="SocketShutDown">"Socket" désactivé</String>

<String Name="Tb">TB</String>

<String Name="TempBanned">Vous avez été banni de ce hub (temps restant: %s).</String>

<String Name="TempBannedReason">Vous avez été banni de ce hub (temps restant: %s) pour cause: </String>

<String Name="UnableToCreateThread">Impossible de créer le thread</String>

<String Name="UnknownAddress">Adresse inconnue</String>

<String Name="UnknownError">Erreur inconnue: 0x%x</String>

<String Name="UnregisteredUnallowed">Les utilisateurs non-enregistrés ne sont pas admis dans ce hub. Allez-vous en.</String>




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="windows-1252"?>
<Language Name="Français">
<String Name="GetAvailableCommands">Voir les commandes disponibles </String>
<String Name="GetServerTime">Voir l'heure du serveur</String>
<String Name="GetHubStatistics">Voir les statistiques du Hub</String>
<String Name="SendMassMessage">Envoyer des groupes de messages</String>
<String Name="UserInfo">Informations d'utilisateur</String>
<String Name="IpInfo">Informations d'IP</String>
<String Name="RegisterUser">Enregistrer l'utilisateur</String>
<String Name="ChangeMyPassword">Changer de mot de passe</String>
<String Name="UnregisterUser">Utilisateur non-enregistré</String>
<String Name="IsRegistered">Enregistré</String>
<String Name="ShowPassword">Voir le mot de passe</String>
<String Name="BanByNickAndIp">Bannir le pseudonyme et l'IP</String>
<String Name="BanByNick">Ban par pseudonyme</String>
<String Name="BanByIp">Bannir par IP</String>
<String Name="ClearTempbans">Effacer les "TempBans"</String>
<String Name="DisconnectUser">Déconnecter l'utilisateur</String>
<String Name="ChangeTimeOfAllBannedNicks">Changer le temps de tous les pseudonymes bannis</String>
<String Name="ChangeTimeOfAllBannedIps">Changer le temps de tous les IP bannis</String>
<String Name="ShowAllBannedNicks">Voir tous les pseudonymes bannis</String>
<String Name="ShowAllBannedIps">Voir tous les IP bannis</String>
<String Name="ShowAllAllowedIps">Voir tous les IP admis</String>
<String Name="AllowAnIpRange">Admettre IP (portée)</String>
<String Name="ShowAllUserlevels">Voir tous les niveaux d'utlisateurs</String>
<String Name="SetUserlevelSettings">Voir les paramètres des niveaux d'utilisateurs</String>
<String Name="GetHubMaxuserSetting">Voir les paramètres "maxuser"</String>
<String Name="SetHubMaxuserSetting">Définir les paramètres "maxuser" du hub</String>
<String Name="ChangeRedirectAddress">Changer l'adresse de reconnection</String>
<String Name="RedirectEveryNewUser">Reconnecter tous les nouveaux utilisateurs</String>
<String Name="GetTemporaryRedirectAddress">Voir les adresses de reconnection temporaires</String>
<String Name="TurnOffTemporaryRedirecting">Fermer les reconnections temporaires</String>
<String Name="ReloadMotdAndSaveAccessLists">Recharger "motd" et sauver les listes d'accès</String>
<String Name="GetOrSetSetting">Voir / Définir un paramètre</String>
<String Name="GetAllHubSettings">Voir tous les paramètres du hub</String>

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Post by Alexandros » 2004-11-16 11:33

what languajes do you have now? (do you have spanish?)