Interface or no Interface

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Interface or no Interface

Post by N.Y.C.P.I.M.P. » 2003-04-30 12:48

Having DCH++ with no gui seems like a good advantage for hub owners who want to run big hubs with fast connections but with low memory. But without a GUI how can u edit the hub if say somthing locks up inside the hub and u have to change somthing at ethe hub itself.. Commands only arent always the best way.. Like I've seen others ask will DCH++ have scripting for hub owners to add there own special touches to the hub. Maybe we should think.. a user friendly interface but at the same time low memory consuming... which makes it intermediate.. Well get back to me DCH++ I'm sure will be very popular being its from the makers of dc++ so get back to me on this thanks...

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Post by TasMan » 2003-04-30 13:46

But DCH++ is meant to be a hub for experienced users, and people who are comfortable in doing things without a GUI.

It would be cool though to see a "WebAdmin" plugin which allows connections from the local host to edit it.

Nice shiny "GUI" and not everybody has to use it.
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Post by yakko » 2003-04-30 16:50

I run XP Pro on my hub computer and can access the config files and restart the service via XP's remote desktop. I can also change some config settings on the fly via commands to a hub bot.