Proper hublist registration?

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Proper hublist registration?

Post by VidFamne » 2005-01-25 11:05

I've manage to register to allright, but the {HubListPinger} don't seems to get properly information about the hub.
So it ends up with no information at, only that hub is online.
Is there any special adjustment I would consider?

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Post by BSOD2600 » 2005-01-25 14:34

Enabled the BotINFO in hubrules.xml and fill out the info?

Using HublistPingerHelper ?

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Post by Pothead » 2005-01-26 06:35

User count on the hublist is -3. Other people are running DCH+++ have the same problem, whereas others don't. Any ideas ? (The hublist pinger helper script is running).

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Post by CruL_ » 2005-01-26 16:19


We have the same problem but only with the ver. 034, 0.33 registers perfectly...

Not the same problem but I can't catch any reply for it:

The DC version checking isn't working in 0.34, only in 0.33, so somebody check it on his version please...

Sorry for my english... :)


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Post by Pothead » 2005-02-06 19:45

Also noticed that all DCH++ hubs have 0 share in the hublist. Looks like something isn't compatable with the pinger Dreamlands uses.