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Post by DC » 2003-07-14 13:19

Hello all.

When i use

$To: %[nick] From: %[mynick] $<%[mynick]> You are fakesharing - I've found that you really share %[realshareformat] and state that you share %[statedshareformat].|<%[mynick]> !ban %[nick] stated share %[statedshareformat] real share %[realshareformat] |
As raw command i see the following line in the mainchat

[18:46] <Hub-Security> User XXXX has been banned because: stated share 33.65 GB real share
So it shows the stated share bot not the realshare. Can someone help me out here?

Greets DC

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Post by cyberal » 2003-07-14 13:35

think this belongs in the DC++k thread... anyways.. try to remove the space you have right before the last | (pipe) ... can be it.. or even better, use %[cheatingdescription] instead... gives you a neat cheat msg.. - Guide to RAR and DC behaviour! - Bodströmsamhället, Länksamling om hoten mot vår personliga integritet

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Post by DC » 2003-07-14 13:37


Thank you, sorry for being in the wrong forum. I thought it was oke. Its my first time here.

Anyway, thanks for helping me.


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Post by sarf » 2003-07-14 18:44

Even better, post on the DC++k forum on Imperialnet, that way I can easily see that it is about DC++k and do something about it (plust the side benefit that DC++s forums are kept clean from posts about DC++k :) ).

Just FYI - I don't mean to scare away anyone from these nice forums! :)
cyberals idea seems to be the correct one - it might be the space that does it.

You grok?