hubs files searching

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hubs files searching

Post by hub-y » 2006-06-23 21:00

i install moglo but its not working for me!
is it expire? or its my mistake?(i dont know what port is needed for it!)
is there any soft like that?

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Post by Xan1977 » 2006-06-23 21:20

Moglo doesn't work anymore. Valknut (linux based) does what you want to some extent.

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Post by pogcarr » 2006-07-05 10:44

The question in my mind is WHY, people killed Moglo? If I am looking for a relatively obscure file, how in the world am I gonna find it if I have to visit each and every hub? Surely there is a tool that I can set to search the entire network, even if it was quite slow to do it?

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Post by Todi » 2006-07-05 10:56

Most hub owners did not like it when thousands of moglo users started hitting their hub just to search once or twice, and then quit. It meant that regular users, who actually share something, couldn't get in. The DC p2p model was never meant for finding hubs on a global scale, but rather to find niched content on niched hubs. Use a different p2p network, like eDonkey or similar.