To use DC do you need new hardware??

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To use DC do you need new hardware??

Post by secret_agent » 2006-05-02 21:18

Hey, I have looked through the FAQ's and seen similair questions to this but not the exact same, and I have been trying for days and nothing seems to work, So im afraid Im going to have to ask for support, sorry if this has been asked before...

DC .674a was installed successfully onto my (older) computer, however I cannot access main chat. I looked up help, to see how to turn this feature on but it wasn't in there and I have looked in all the settings and it doesnt seem to be under 'view' either. Im pretty sure you need this because it tells you whether your online or not?

And when I type into search, it doesnt work at all anyway. The item I searched doesnt even appear on the top of the bar, meaning it doesnt even register it at all ( i think). The hublists im pretty sure are working, because the list comes up (even though it says '0' for 'shared', 'min share' and 'min slots'.)

Im not sure if its because of my old computer (even though it has windows XP). I thought maybe its lacking something in hardware, but the internet works fine. I would really really appreciate it if someone could help me.


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Post by Xan1977 » 2006-05-02 22:42

.674a is a version of BCDC++, a mod of DC++ which is why your post was moved away from the DC++ support forum.

First, you didn't say if you had tried to join any hubs from the public list.