GPL Chat-only client used via IRC

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GPL Chat-only client used via IRC

Post by pitt2 » 2006-04-21 19:09

Technically this might be considered a rival client or advertising so I hope I don't get blasted for it, but here goes:

I've been fiddling around with $favourite_language for a while now and I've put together a client that allows you to use an IRC client to connect to and chat on a direct connect hub. It's currently only available for linux, which is why I mention it in this forum in particular (and also because reading this forum helped me understand the protocol, thanks!)

Ah yes, "other DC tools" might be the forum for me after all :oops:

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Post by Todi » 2006-04-23 08:43

Not much of a rival if it only runs on linux =) Well done anyhow, the more clients/tools the merrier.

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Post by pitt2 » 2006-04-25 14:27

Actually, the core is cross-platform, I'm just lazy. It's also difficult to know how to actually run it on windows - as a service? an omnipresent tray icon? in the context of windows, it's more like a helper application that'd need to run all the time your IRC client is running.

It can be configured so that hub owners can allow anyone to join via a public port, but I guess that's open to exploitation.

feedback, people!

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Post by GargoyleMT » 2006-04-25 19:34

Oh, sidenote, we have a client listing in the wiki, which we're trying to make into a pretty good protocol and client reference:

If you want to add your client there, it'd be super.

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Post by ivulfusbar » 2006-04-26 00:30

You can always hide the application by using the filextension .pyw instead of .py in windows. You can also run it as a service. Most of the os-dependent code consists of os.fork and alike calls which easily can be if cased.
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Post by pitt2 » 2006-04-26 05:15

Yeah, when my exams are over I'll look into service writing for windows and handle it like the windows apache port - with a gui tool for starting/stopping/reloading/changing config files. It'll also teach me gui programming in python.

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Post by Carraya » 2006-04-26 05:27

pitt2 wrote:It'll also teach me gui programming in python.
GUI programming in python is cool :)
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