problems with upload/download speed

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problems with upload/download speed

Post by misha » 2006-04-16 11:10

Well, my problem is that my UL speed is 3-4 times faster than my DL speed. As a followed the FAQ today i decided to download BCDC++ (i had DC++). I limited the UL speed but the DL speed remained the same. Actually this strange thing happens with only one user (well, i haven's still tried to DL things from anybody else). I mean that i am downloading from him and he is downloding from me. It comes to my mind that he may have limited his UL speed but i can see that under "PK" it is written for him 'DCPLUSPLUS0.674ABCABC' and i wonder if his version allows him to limit D/U speed?
any help will be in use for me! thanx

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Post by eMTee » 2006-04-16 11:27

Most of ul limiting capable mods has DC++ elmulation so their PK string is the same as DC++. And also theres a possibility he uses 3rd party netlimiter software with original DC++.
And in most types of netconnections the maximum upload speed is much slower than download so probably he even doesnt limit at all.
BTW you may have to ask an operator on the hub to check that user and help to find out whats the problem

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Post by [NL]Pur » 2006-04-20 14:40

For an operator it would be rather impossible to detect line speed or external limiter. Trying a different source would be a quicker solution.