wireless connection search

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wireless connection search

Post by doridos » 2006-02-04 15:57

When I connect wireless to Internet, oDC works but when it comes to search it keeps on searching with no result.
Can you give me a clue?
than you very much!

Big Muscle
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Post by Big Muscle » 2006-02-04 16:45

you are in a bad forum. This isn't for oDC but for DC++ :lol:

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Post by joakim_tosteberg » 2006-02-04 16:57

oDC is very outdated and no longer maintained.

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Post by Quattro » 2006-02-06 05:21

updating to newest DC++ won't even help him
probably he has to forward a port in his wireless router,
check http://www.portforward.com and search for your router =)
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