v0.4034 - wine(linux)

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v0.4034 - wine(linux)

Post by cirus » 2004-10-12 03:54

anyone got it working?
I'm running wine-20040716.
tried running winedbg, but nothing usefull.

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Post by TheParanoidOne » 2004-10-12 06:58

It would help if you actually told us what worked and what didn't work. Please do so.
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Post by psofa » 2004-10-12 07:49

for me:
1) common control (?) sort by name number buttons etc dont work
2)i have to disable progress bars from the options so that dc++ doesnt exit with unhadled exceptions as soon as a transfer starts <-- this is sth that most people encounter
3) but the most critical thing is this:
if i am connected to more than one hubs and open a new search window i get unhandled exceptions.This doesnt happen always and i cant seem to find a pattern.A solution to this is opening search windows before connecting to hubs
4) the empty options window problem is solved with latest wine.