BCDC++ Connecting to my local/private hub?

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BCDC++ Connecting to my local/private hub?

Post by vp245 » 2007-01-10 19:21

ok...so i am totally green about this sort of stuff, so would greatly appreciate any kind of advice, however patronising!

basically, i had bcdc going in the past and it would automatically put me on my university hub as a default environment. however! i since reinstalled it and i now have no idea how to connect to my local hub, although i'm still on the uni internet connection as always. it's not on any hublists... not that i previously had to even search for it as it was just there.

how do i get back in?

cheers for your help!


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Post by TheParanoidOne » 2007-01-13 12:30

How did you hear about the university hub in the first place?
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Post by BW~Merlin » 2007-01-14 03:32

Find the IP address of your uni hub. Then go to the golden star at the top of BCDC++ click it and it will open a new tab. Click add, enter in the ip address of your uni's hub and click ok. Then tick the check box next to the entry you have just made (this will make it auto connect on start up of BCDC++) and your done. Then you can simply select the entry you have just made and hit connect (you only need to do that last part for this one time or you could close BCDC++ down and open it up again). That should be it. Make sure that if you have a firewall or Norton that you allow it in the firewall and Norton (for Norton allow BCDC++ under worm protect).