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by corona
2004-08-19 09:13
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: Multiple Source Downloading.
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when it comes down to it, multi sourcing only really helps people who've got faster than average connections. I've got a tunnel connection that I can download at up to 300KB/s on, but drops out a lot and is passive only. Using a multi-source client (a non-corrupting one that is now available, been f...
by corona
2004-08-19 08:59
Forum: Other Direct Connect tools
Topic: what is wrong with revese connect?
Replies: 12
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yeah, they do seem to have fixed it completely in .403b, it's multi-sourcing with tth, and automatically re downloads segmets that have got corrupted, it seems to be flawless. It's interesting to see a download get to 100% then jump back down to 94% for example a couple of times as it cleans up the ...
by corona
2004-04-18 05:26
Forum: Protocol Alley
Topic: Encryption?
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I for one would love to see even some very low level encryption on all data transfers, simply for the purpose of defeating packet sniffers that are looking at packet headers. I'd kinda like client-hub trasnfers encrypted too though that would obviously require support by a hub, which I doubt would b...