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by BigDil
2005-02-07 02:50
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: search result hashes
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by BigDil
2005-01-12 10:04
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: Exact file size column in filelist windows
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I already have "Exact size" column in filelist windows, using BCDC++ 0.668.
Or is it a BCDC only feature? If this is the case, then I'm sorry. :)
by BigDil
2005-01-06 12:19
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: Hovering
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deesee++ wrote:It hasn't been removed.. it just has issues. At least for some people.
It doesn't work here either. Using BCDC++ 0.668 on Win2000 SP4 HU. Hopefully it'll be back soon, it was quite useful.
by BigDil
2005-01-06 12:09
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: Import DLs
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Before reinstalling you should have saved your Queue.xml file as well.
by BigDil
2004-12-08 14:36
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: req: in search, group same file into treeview (plus sign)
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I like this feature in BCDC++.
Wisp: You can choose any filename from the results. Whichever you consider "normal".
And I think it's useful for albums too, you can easily see which TTH is the most popular.
by BigDil
2004-10-10 07:11
Forum: Other Direct Connect tools
Topic: Certain characters don't show up properly in main chat
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Certain characters don't show up properly in main chat

I'm using BCDC++ 0.4034 on Windows 2000 (Hungarian version). Everything worked fine in 0.4032. How can I fix this problem?
by BigDil
2004-08-17 09:20
Forum: Hubs and scripts
Topic: Setting up a Hub
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Your computer can be a server too, if you leave it online. ;) And you can't install hubsoftware to a webspace.
by BigDil
2004-08-16 18:49
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: DC++ more settings
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I think the guy meant remembering what column the results were ordered by, too. This would be a nice feature. Same thing in download queue window. :)
by BigDil
2004-07-18 05:33
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: Limited download transfer rate
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Settings > Downloads > Limits > Maximum simultaneous downloads or No new downloads if speed exceeds might help though.