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by confused
2004-05-30 10:45
Forum: Other Direct Connect tools
Topic: BCDC 0.401b's search is borked?
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Are you sure you haven't updated any other apps at the same time - like zone alarm? The latest verion 5 of zone alarm, doesn't seem to like active mode searches. I've had to revert back to v4.5.
by confused
2004-05-14 16:45
Forum: Other Direct Connect tools
Topic: tags in BCDC
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tags in BCDC

why does the following bcdc++ v0.401b tag <++ V:%[v],M:%[m],H:0/%[hr]/0,S:%[s]> report 2 registered hubs, when i'm only connected to one registered hub??? I'm not connected to any other hubs. if i change the tag to: <++ V:%[v],M:%[m],H:%[hn]/%[hr]/%[ho],S:%[s]> it works correctly, and reports only 1...