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by Weird
2004-08-16 02:55
Forum: Other Direct Connect tools
Topic: Checkbox by the sharefolders...
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There are few hubs that doesn't allow me share certain files and everytime i remove and put them back, i have to rehash the whole stuff (and that takes hours). With those checkboxes, some stuff could be easily remove from share but it would be still hashed. Damn... i want this feature. :D i remove ...
by Weird
2003-11-28 07:47
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: Shutdown
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that still is cutting people off thou, does it really hurt to leave your computer on?, i mean ok some of you dont like to sleep with it on, but that might just be cos u aint used to it. Well, I can´t sleep with noise in my bedroom and I´m 100% sure I would never get used to it (well, maybe af...
by Weird
2003-11-25 04:54
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: Better View: Upload Queve? Or sorting your Directory list?
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"directory folder list"

maybe he means in settings, where you define your share.. the directories ain't sortable.