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by theanomaly
2007-01-11 21:41
Forum: Protocol Alley
Topic: The 0.68+ SSL howto
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encrypted dc++

I've tried changing the code a couple of times so that the only sockets it would create and listen on were SSLSockets, but while it kind of worked the connections always died after a few seconds of transfer and I don't know enough to figure out exactly why it isn't working... :/
by theanomaly
2006-10-04 00:03
Forum: Programmer's Help
Topic: SSL Error
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SSL Error

I'm trying to hack the regular DC++ client into always using SSL for all tcp connections. It was pretty easy to go through the source and change all of the "secure" bools to be forced to true, and that lets me connect out to an ssl hub (ssl client -> stunnel -> verlihub). With multiple of such clien...