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by [email protected]
2003-02-09 09:35
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: multiple configs per Hub
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multiple configs per Hub

i have this problem in DC++,international Download Limits so i cant hang on much time in a international hub, only firewalled hubs for my country, Portugal. what i wanted is something i thk is simple to do, we can use a diferent nick for each hub,why not use a dif. configuration, a diferent share,et...
by [email protected]
2003-02-09 09:22
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: Ability to run multiple instances
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Snooze wrote:
rightclick the 2nd clients exe file and chose "run as" --> click ok.

i use win2k and when i rightclick i dont get any "run as" option ...
just open, scan and winrar options , cut,paste,delete, etc

maybe its something really stupid and im not seeing it....if you can help me...