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by apoorv_khurasia
2006-06-24 04:27
Forum: Hubs and scripts
Topic: Display uptime on opendchub
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Display uptime on opendchub


I am running opendchub on gentoo linux. I want to display the hub uptime whenever somebody connects to the hub. What should I do?

Thanks in advance for any help.
by apoorv_khurasia
2006-06-24 03:12
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Topic: What country/city are you from?
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New Delhi, India. Very nice city with a very rich past (like the rest of India).
by apoorv_khurasia
2006-06-23 19:59
Forum: Hubs and scripts
Topic: Opendchub administrative login
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Opendchub administrative login

Hi I am running opendchub v 0.7.15 on gentoo linux. The problem is that I cannot enter the administrator mode via telnet or chat and the only way I can shut the hub /restart it is via killing the process first and then starting it. In the telnet way it first asks me my administrator password and the...