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by Quindor
2006-04-27 02:04
Forum: Proposals
Topic: Multithreaded filehashing?
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Depends on the situation.

For me, multithreaded file hasing would make absolute since. But then again, I have 10 disks to hash over... Most people just have one or two. And then it won't speed up things much at all. But looking besides the I/O bound, which would be around 50 to 100MB/sec depending on if there is a RAID array...
by Quindor
2006-04-26 17:23
Forum: Proposals
Topic: Limiting access to drives.
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I might have to disagree

I might have to disagree that this feature is one of the least wanted one's. I often go to a lanparty and own a server of 2.5TB of demo and other popular material... At such lanparties, it is commen to have a large DChub setup with manny manny people on it. We've had local lan hubs of 100TB and bigg...