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by mangolicious
2005-01-01 16:24
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Topic: Dynamic IP and active
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GargoyleMT wrote:You can put a dynamic hostname into the DC++ settings instead of an IP address.
In that case, just so people know and dont have to ask, instead of just calling that box "IP" , you could call it "IP/hostname" which would be a more accurate description of that box. Just a thought :D
by mangolicious
2004-12-31 15:37
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: segmented downloading (ACCELERANDO!)
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segmented downloading (ACCELERANDO!)

push the nos button on your downloads with the segmented downloading feature! oh wait. there is none. darn... that's a good idea though (hint hint) (nugde nugde) :wink: :wink:
by mangolicious
2004-12-31 15:28
Forum: Feature Discussion (Archived)
Topic: Search for a file but only with a specific connection
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... to be honest, a much more advanced search, generally, is needed. eg: specifying an exact file extension with an "other" option because you still can't filter to image types.