Re: [dcdev] ADC already obsolete?
Jan Vidar Krey
2005-02-11 5:39
Direct Connect developers

> > I suspect this happens more frequently on routers when there is high
> > amounts
> > of traffic going on.
> Well the question is whether they (the NAT's) close the window after 45
> seconds from the first packet, or the 'last' packet, since a timeout of a
> silent p2p channel can be 5 seconds with no problem, just go again if
> needed. I think the timeout is even smaller in DC today.

The Linux behaveour, that makes sense to me, is that the connection is 
closed by the connection tracker after 45 seconds idle, which means the
timer is reset for every packet traversing. So if you don't get an answer 
within 45 seconds, you will not get it, most likely.

> > > Opera
> > hm, are you my employer ? :)
> Hmm, not that I am aware of? =)

Heh, had to ask, just started last week :)


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