RE: [dcdev] ADC already obsolete?
Gustaf Räntilä <[email protected]>
2005-02-11 5:37
"'Direct Connect developers'" <[email protected]>

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> Yes, this sounds logical, but many NAT routers will rewrite the source
> port,
> and the scheme you outlined relies on the fact that the parts are sending
> to
> the correct ports which will be opened for a brief window of time (45
> seconds
> is default in Linux at least). In the cases where the source port have
> been
> changed by the router, the clients have no way of knowing which port to
> send
> to, thus communication cannot be established.
> I suspect this happens more frequently on routers when there is high
> amounts
> of traffic going on.

Well the question is whether they (the NAT's) close the window after 45 seconds from the first packet, or the 'last' packet, since a timeout of a silent p2p channel can be 5 seconds with no problem, just go again if needed. I think the timeout is even smaller in DC today.

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