RE: SV: [dcdev] Anyone still alive?
Mattias Bergsten
2005-01-05 4:05
Direct Connect developers

On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, [utf-8] Gustaf Räntilä wrote:

> Does anyone have a good picture of how IPSec works btw? Isn't that 
> encryption on a level (IP) that makes it totally transparent for socket 
> implementations? Or is it that it's not supported by all hardware out 
> there, such as routers? It seems too good not to have in mind at this 
> state.

IPSec is a) at the IP level, which means OS or IP stack, b) a huge and 
complicated standard and c) doesn't work well with NAT. Not something you 
want to mess with here.

SSL and TLS seem like the best alternatives.