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2004-12-20 11:43
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On Sun, 19 Dec 2004 00:30:57 +0100, Jacek Sieka <[email protected]> wrote:

Hm, just to see if anyone's still alive, I'm posting an ADC spec that is almost finished, and would appreciate any comments you might have...this is most probably the last chance to improve on it, so make sure to take it if you care for the protocol that DC++ at least will move towards...

Much of it is already implemented in dc++ and I've heard of a few hub dev projects picking up on it so it's time to get the show off the road I think...

Oh, and there's the private dc developers hub that's still up and running, drop me a mail if you want an account...


Alive and kicking here :)

I recently went through the whole 0.8 draft (but I only skimmed the
attachment you sent). It looks good, but one feature I am missing is;
if one client via a hub wants to request a connection (CTM) and the requesting
party cannot connect (connection refused, firewalled/timeout or whatever).

There should be a notify-message that the connection could not be established.
(Only if the connection attempt had a token).
This can for example be done with a RCM using the same token back to the origin.
This way both parties can be aware that the connection cannot be made, not just
the connecting party. And thus, this aids network diagnostics.

Extending this, a passive client can send a RCM to another passive client
which will answer with RCM and the same token. Now, both clients know that
they are passive and cannot communicate directly.

Just my two Kr ;)


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