Re: [dcdev] adc
Todd Pederzani
2004-01-25 5:59
Direct Connect developers

eric wrote:

But you should admit gnutella was not the most widely used protocol and there is perhaps a reason. If it was that good, it should be more used than others especially because it is available for now several years. What I just want to say is we should not choose something because it is easy to optimize, we should choose something for its features, optimizations will come later.

Gnutella is actively developed, whereas the DC protocol is not.  Sure, it *might* be worthless because few of its features have migrated to other P2P networks, but it's not.  Measuring by user count (or popularity in general) is also a poor indication of technical worthiness.

Oh, and for your information, Bloom filters (the concept behind QRP - name furnished by cologic) are in DC++'s CVS repository right now.  They cut CPU usage by about half.

- Todd
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