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2004-01-23 5:07
Direct Connect developers

At 05:01 PM 1/23/2004 +0100, you wrote:
Came home today and checked my mail.. 83 mails!!! (from dcdev). Yees, dont you use the dcdev hub to chat anymore?
Also, I got an idea from this about a protocol draft:
No DC protocol! We all could use a huge mailing list to share files, we can include them in the mails and send them. To search for a file you simply write (in subject) "SEARCH <pattern>" and then the others on the maillist checks his/hers HDD if he has that file. Pattern parsing should be human doable, if he does have the file he sends a mail to the person who sent the request/query with the file attatched to the mail...

Hey, we dont even have to login! No contexts (except registered/non-registered), no error handeling. The others would just ignore a unrecognized command. And no risk of fake IP's in $MyInfo - we never need to know the users IP!!!
The filelists can be written in the body of a mail with the subject: "FILELIST <YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS>" so we would know what filelist is the latest. And to see who's filelist it is simply check the From field!


Excellent idea.

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