Re: [dcdev] file list, regexp, and mailing list
Fredrik Tolf
2004-01-23 3:51
Direct Connect developers <[email protected]>

eric writes:
> >  > About regexp library choise, I'd say the support for wide
> >  > charsets should not only be considered, but required. Regex++
> >  > supports it, that's all I know for now.
> >
> > Indeed, it should be that way. However, it's not usually a
> > [...]
> > exist which contains those characters anyway.
> > I don't 100% agree. On *nix, filenames are stored as byte strings
> as you said but the usage of the current locale charset is just a
> de facto standard because most of the programs work like
> this. AFAIK, nothing prevents a program to use UTF8 encoded
> filename.

Certainly, nothing prevents a program from doing that, but I seriously
don't think that any programs would do that, since that would be
stupid. Having filenames in the system stored with different charsets
seems like a really bad thing in my mind. Also, if that is the case,
you won't be able to support wide char filename searches anyway, since
you won't know how to convert filenames into wchar strings.

Fredrik Tolf

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