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2004-01-23 5:20
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Quoting Todd Pederzani <[email protected]>:

Fredrik Tolf wrote:

>2. Since hubs will restrict the search frequency anyway, isn't up to
>   the user if he wants to search for the same thing again the next
>   time he can, instead of searching for something else?
>  >

Must this be the case?  I haven't understood why discarding searches (or discarding searches and warning the user) is a better approach than reordering of commands by the hub.  The cost is code complexity, but if you can delay searches, isn't that a more elegant solution?

 - Todd
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Well i have tried delaying searches and it could work ok but if you are recieving to many searches per second, more than your search function can handle eventually you might as well drop searches. the hope is that because some searches respond faster than others it will eventually catch up but can you rely on that.
it is tough to decide on and will likely require alot of testing by someone much smarter than me.

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