Re: [dcdev] adc
2004-01-23 4:34
Direct Connect developers <[email protected]>, Todd Pederzani <[email protected]>

>Speaking about probability, a.*b.*c.*d is probably what the user wants the
>most. For example, if a user searches for an album, he won't spend time to
>write the album title in the reverse order. That's why most of the time,
> "a b

What's wrong with supporting out of order matching of search strings?
Some users do use it - I'm one.

There is nothing wrong but you are arguing against yourself. Currently, the main reason to reject regex is because most people won't use it. What I just see is when people search for an album/a movie, most of them simply write it then why don't we just use a simple strcasecmp() because it is what the majority wants.

Using Gnutella's QRP model will limit the number of users that a hub has
to broadcast to.  Hub bandwidth, not CPU power, is the limiting factor,
so I don't think that you should have dismissed cologic's suggested
optimizations that easily.

But you should admit gnutella was not the most widely used protocol and there is perhaps a reason. If it was that good, it should be more used than others especially because it is available for now several years. What I just want to say is we should not choose something because it is easy to optimize, we should choose something for its features, optimizations will come later.


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