Re: [dcdev] Re: using EBML instead of XML ?
Fredrik Tolf
2004-01-23 3:47
Direct Connect developers

Jan Vidar Krey writes:
> > > XML has the extra advantage of being a standard with several
> > > implementations on different platforms and in different languages which
> > > has to count for something. There are plenty BZ2 and GZIP implementations
> > > available aswell.
> >
> > You are fully right, EBML is probably to recent to have a port everywhere.
> > Plus, XML is (was?) a buzz-word. Very nice to put on your resume :)

That's really what I don't like with XML... I think that it's clearly
overestimated. No, really, it's true - XML doesn't solve all the
problems in the world, believe it or not. I often want to avoid XML,
since all the DOM stuff and everything really is unnecessary, and
introduces more parsing overhead than is really desirable.

However, in this file-list context, it does indeed seem to be the best

Fredrik Tolf

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