[dcdev] file list, regexp, and mailing list
"Opera" <[email protected]>
2004-01-23 3:00
[email protected]

About the file list format; One can discuss the best compression ratios
back and forth (I personally think .xml.bz2 would be perfectly fine and
small enough, and prolly a lot smaller than ebml), but it doesn't really
matter. The most important issue (partly since bz2 _is_ a good
compressor)  is usability, maintainability and through-out support for
the format. In that case, nothing beats XML. Also there are _several_
libraries for both zlib, bzip2 and a h*ll lot of libraries for xml, for
any operating system, in any programming language, and even for
web-things such as php etc...

About regexp library choise, I'd say the support for wide charsets
should not only be considered, but required. Regex++ supports it, that's
all I know for now.

About this mailing list; It has become a chat. I'd suggest those of you
"chatting" here go visit "us" on dev.myhub.org:666. You all have
accounts there, or can get one by sending anyone of us a mail.


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