[dcdev] Re: using EBML instead of XML ?
Jernej Simončič <[email protected]>
2004-01-23 11:46
"Yves BLUSSEAU on [dcdev]" <[email protected]>

On Friday, January 23, 2004, 10:28:47, Yves BLUSSEAU wrote:

Yes, but with EBML we don't need to compress the data.
We can exchange the datas directly.

Let's see: my filelist is 369kB uncompressed. If we start using (EB|X)ML, I
imagine it'll only become bigger, due to added data (actually, if it'd only
carry the same information as is in the list now [filenames and sizes], EBML
might be a bit smaller). No matter which compression you use, the filelist
will become smaller, and that is the whole point - have as small filelists
as possible, which carry as much data as possible. It's always faster to
upload 85kB than 369kB. (This reminds me, did anybody look into 7Z for
compression :)

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