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2004-01-23 1:17
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Why is it we are dismising an xml protocol? it is the obvious choice it sounds like since we want the protocol to be extendable, and yes i have read the arguments in the past but they make no sence.
The main reson xml was dismissed was the "bandwidth" that seems like a logicle argument, until you choose textbased protocol over binary and start adding 2 byte \r\n instead of 1. as far as i can tell the current ADC protocol dosnt seem that great and i think xml would be much better for what we want.

But I really dont care what protocol is chosen I only have a couple requests/suggestions
 In Search Results Send an extra integer defining clients inet speed so the info dosnt need to be  retrieved from the server userlist(although this result isnt necicarly true at least it will save some
 cpu while parsing).

 Also in search results I think a Feild should be set aside for fileinfo  ie movie dimentions or music  bitrate and time.

On a side note. If somone has the ability would you please make a dll that i can call from VB6 for TTH hashing I currently dont have the time to figure out a native implementation into VB.

Timothy Marin , IntraDream.com
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