RE: [dcdev] adc
Fredrik Tolf
2004-01-22 3:17
Direct Connect developers

Nouanda writes:
> Jacek Sieka:
> You're missing the point. With this scheme, a client can create a new
> command and have it sent to other clients correctly without any updates to
> the hub software at all (if nmdch supported this, we wouldn't need a new
> protocol at all, because creating a new search or myinfo command would have
> been doable without having to update and rewrite all the hubs out
> there...)...
> > This mean hub must trust all client's commands, and just forward to
> client(s) depending to the first char?

Indeed; I was thinking the same. That could easily drain a hub's
bandwidth. Since it's rather clearly defined anyway which commands
will ever need a similar "upgrade", I'd say that it's better in that
case to make those commands generic enough to be upgraded easily.


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