Re: [dcdev] Re: adc
2004-01-22 6:32
Direct Connect developers <[email protected]>, Fredrik Tolf <[email protected]>

On Thursday 22 January 2004 00:20, Fredrik Tolf wrote:
Jernej Simon?i? writes:
 > On Wednesday, January 21, 2004, 6:03:55, david vargas (nny) wrote:
 > > so i recommend using a port above 1024... not like its difficult to
 > > say which port to use, but might as well mention it at the start...
 > It's not hard to drop root privileges right after the port has been
 > bound, and if you're really paranoid, you could always run the server in
 > chroot jail.

Yeah, but it might be nice for a user to be able to start it without
requiring the binary to be suid...

I agree, there should be no default port. Default ports exist for daemon running under inetd, not stand-alone daemon. We should not even suggest a default port.


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