SV: [dcdev] ADC Issues
"Opera" <[email protected]>
2004-01-22 10:57
"'Direct Connect developers'" <[email protected]>

> As sandos mentioned in the hub chat; "Filenames outside the root are
> treated as special". Outside what root? What _exactly_ are you
> about here?
Yes, that needs further explanation.../ is the unnamed root that
counts for
the share, while for instance TTH/ could be the tiger three hash
open to suggestions here though...

But a share can consist of several different folders in different levels
on different drives etc, so the root part is still somewhat unclear.

> I think there should be support for binary data without base32 for
> communication between client and hub (and also hub to hub if > that is at
> all supported), similar to the "DATA state". This might be very
> and adds no complexity since hubs/clients that don't use it, > won't need
> to. Still it has to be in the protocol spec.
The problem is escaping mainly, i e if we use binary data then
suddenly we
have to either send lengths (which defeats the purpose of a text-based
protocol) or escape the binaries (which is ugly)...

I never understood why the protocol had to be text-only, i mean, it Is a
_file_ (they are usually binary) sharing protocol, so a length specifyer
or similary wouldn't be difficult. I see some needs for being able to
communicate with the hub from a client with binary data to not be forced
to send it in a bandwidth eating way such as base32 or similar.

> I would like a "mode" where file sharing is disabled, a kind of
> only mode". That should be represented in the INF as well with HC or
> something like that..
Use irc?

OK so you Don't want binary hub-client transfers for some reason, even
tho it might be very useful, and adds little complexity (is it due to
your current implementations of text vs binary in your dc++
socket-class?), and now you don't think this is a good feature? Many
people I've talked to, both users and developers, see a use for this so
I really can't understand how you can tell me to go use irc. I thought I
had something to say, that I could request features without such an
attitude, without a Reason not to include it.


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