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Todd Pederzani
2004-01-19 12:39
Direct Connect developers

Jacek Sieka wrote:


(since this list is more and more becoming a private chat anyway...)

Or a public one...

[17:09] <verliba> btw, dcdev mailing list mbox is searchable by goole and therefore all email addresses in it
[17:10] <verliba> and I was not able to send a mail.. once I tried

I'm sure fnord will work his magic at some point and put up a robots.txt or similar.

Oh, and for the newcomers, this is from Meltingfire in "DC Dev Private" back in October:

As some of you know, we are running a Private Dev hub too, "DC Developers" (dev.myhub.org:666)
If you want to get registered, or have forgotten your password you can send me an e-mail at [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> and I will add you to the hub.
Currently registered ppl are: ade, aMutex, arnetheduck, cologic, Dj_Offset, flop, fnordpojk, Fusbar, Gadget, GargoyleMT, Genesis, Iceman, Jon, Knoton, Meltingfire, Nev, Opera, Proboarder, Ptaczek, qqzm, Romulus, sandos, SBSoftEA, Sedulus, xayide, Yoshi, Zc
There is also a public Dev hub at surfnet.mine.nu:1416 were the public has access

- Todd
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