Re: [dcdev] Thoughts about Fredrik's draft
Fredrik Tolf
2004-01-17 4:03
Direct Connect developers

Todd Pederzani writes:
> Fredrik Tolf wrote:
> > >I agree that it is in a way an interesting thought. However, I would
> >guess that hub owners wouldn't like the bandwidth that's wasted on
> >sending redundant information like that.
> >  > >
> > If it allows the hub to do partial MyINFO-type broadcasts, the trade-off > of a little more incoming bandwidth is well worth not having to > broadcast a typical MyINFO sized packet out to all the users.

That, however, can be solved in a much nicer way, in that case. I
would imagine it to be better in that case to leave the fields that
should not be updated being the empty string, like this:

desc "new nick" "" "" "" 4 ""

Isn't that even better?

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