RE: [dcdev] Thoughts about Fredrik's draft
Fredrik Tolf
2004-01-17 3:28
Direct Connect developers

Nouanda writes:
> In the actual protocol all commands are fixed. We can't add a parameter or
> change order. We can perhaps use a more http like format (or DC++ tag) for
> all parameters. In fact, it's just to identify clearly all fields.
> > For example, your desc command can look like this:
> > desc nick="test" share=100000 tslots=3 fslots=3 hubs=1 addr=x.x.x.x

I agree that it is in a way an interesting thought. However, I would
guess that hub owners wouldn't like the bandwidth that's wasted on
sending redundant information like that.

Also, there is no problem with adding a parameter. If a command needs
to be extended, we could add an optional parameter, and if it is
omitted, the command will display the older behavior.

Changing the order of parameters seems rather unnecessary, IMHO. Could
you give an example of where that would be useful?

Fredrik Tolf

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