Re: [dcdev] Re: Thoughts about Fredrik's draft
Fredrik Tolf
2004-01-17 9:39
Direct Connect developers

Jernej Simon?i? writes:
> Why is it necessary to send your address in the info command at all? The hub
> knows your IP (we're not doing an UDP-based protocol, are we?), so it would
> be enough if the client just reported the port it was listening on (although
> even this isn't really necessary, if the connection requests will still go
> through the hub).

There can actually be two reasons:

1. Say if you are on a network where you do have your own IP address,
  but the firewall doesn't allow incoming SYN packets. Then you might
  want to use a SOCKS server that is on another IP address for people
  to connect to.

2. You might want to connect to the hub using IPv6, while still
  listening on an IPv4 socket, so that people unable to use IPv6 stil
  can connect to you.

Also, since you're saving a maximum of 16 bytes, and only once when
you connect, by not sending the IP address, then really, why _not_
send the IP address? Or did you have another reason in mind?

Fredrik Tolf

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