Re: [dcdev] Searching
2004-01-16 7:24
Fredrik Tolf
Direct Connect developers <[email protected]>

 > About connection stage, I assume GUID is the first command you sent
 > (correct me if I am wrong). Why not having the following connection
 > establishment:
 > 1: H=>C: the hub sends its ID (something like the GUID of the client but
 > for the hub)
 > 2: C=>H: the client sends its ID and its password simultaneously (I
 > modified your "GUID ID" command into "GUID ID password"). Then we can do
 > the full authentification in a single step and without error, thanks to
 > the GUID of the hub
 > 3: H=>C: the hub accepts an continue the process into "normal" mode or
 > close the connection after a message.

Again, my utter goal is to avoid this state machine stuff. Such a
thing as a "first command" should not be defined. It is equally OK to
send any command that is part of the `identify' context, be it DESC or
GUID. The important thing is what should be done, not in what order.

Can you give an example (or 2) of your way a connection is established between a client and a hub. I think state machines are good but it must be a one with no dead end.


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