Re: [dcdev] Searching
Fredrik Tolf
2004-01-16 4:50
Direct Connect developers

Carl-Adam Brengesjö writes:
> About filename matching in the other search command, how do you know > where the string starts (I understand that $ ends)
> ( N =~ avi$ ) would match (not) "avi" or (not) " avi".
> isn't it just better to have it surrounded by "" (use $ if you like, " > is just a more standard way, and any char is as good as the other)

Actually, I had intended every logical part of the search string to be
a seperate token in the line sent over the protocol that I
quick-drafted earlier. If you look in the archives for the `Text
protocol draft' draft that I sent Dec 2nd, you'll see what I
mean. It's also included in my upcoming protocol draft, which is more
complete than that mail.

Fredrik Tolf

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