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Mattias Bergsten
2004-01-16 3:49
Direct Connect developers

--On fredag den 16 januari 2004 03:37 +0100 Carl-Adam Brengesjö <[email protected]> wrote:

Yes in search results it's good with only one hash algorithm. I mean when
_searching_ for a file with a hash.

Well.. since everyone with hashing support in the client already calculates Tiger Tree Hashes for all their files, why support more hashing algorithms when searching for files?

Say when having a file in your queue (together with a MD5 file in same
directory) and want to search for alternative sources than the one you
have. You open the MD5 file and looks for the file you want... and copies
the md5 sum, say `3efdb9c9e399679cccd23179c4f1a1f2', then you searches
for files with that hash.

Sure. But if you originally downloaded the file from someone with hashing support in the client, you already have hashes for the file in your queue.xml, and if you don't, you really have no way of knowing if it's actually the same file or not, except if a .md5 file (.sfv is CRC32, which IMHO isn't good enough since it's a checksum, not a hash) is supplied with the file. Most people are never going to keep .md5 files in their share.

TTH, on the other hand, is done mostly transparent to the user. Which is good, since users are all idiots. :P

/fnord, can you tell i work as a sysadmin?
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