Re: [dcdev] Searching
Carl-Adam Brengesjö <[email protected]>
2004-01-16 3:37
Direct Connect developers

Mattias Bergsten wrote:

--On fredag den 16 januari 2004 02:22 +0100 Carl-Adam Brengesjö <[email protected]> wrote:

why lock it to a single hash algorithm? you can't know the hash of the
file you're looking to unless you have downloaded a *.sfv (what
algorithm? is it called sfv, or?) or MD5 (or simlar) file telling it.

The way it is implemented right now is, the client calculates hashes for the files in your share, and supplies them when sending out search hits.

Yes in search results it's good with only one hash algorithm. I mean when _searching_ for a file with a hash.

Say when having a file in your queue (together with a MD5 file in same directory) and want to search for alternative sources than the one you have. You open the MD5 file and looks for the file you want... and copies the md5 sum, say `3efdb9c9e399679cccd23179c4f1a1f2', then you searches for files with that hash.

> I agree that having a choice is better than not having it in most
> cases, but this is not one of those cases. :)

In that case (my example) you want choices :)

Sorry I mixed up search results with queries.


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