Re: [dcdev] Searching
Todd Pederzani
2004-01-16 2:12
Direct Connect developers

Carl-Adam Brengesjö wrote:

Pattern can also have two meanings, either it can be a regex (poisix or perl, doesnt matter) or it is the exact (or wildcarded) name of the file. Clients can decide, upon submitting, if they want to replace spaces with a * to work the way searching currently does.

[2004-01-15 14:51] <nysin> (Might someone suggest on dcdev-list that these people try some sample queries in their regex syntax on a largeish share?

If any of you need it, I have several large filelists (in bz2 format) that I passed along to cologic (nysin).  One in particular is 493gb and 172,000 files.  I think modeling a typical search load on this share might quickly tell if regexp searching is feasible.

A previous discussion on regexps also yielded concerns about... ahem... resource intensive expressions.  Nothing quite like being able to DOS all the clients in a hub simply by sending a well crafted regexp search.

a part of a WinRAR packed file name "foo" with exact size 15000000 bytes
"SEARCH 03 text/* =15000000 :/^foo\.part[0-9]{2,3}\.rar$/\r\n"

Ah yes.  A wonderful example of why searching by MIME types is not so useful.  What exactly is the proper type for RAR files?
application/rar ?
application/x-rar-compressed ?
How about .MKV?  OGM?  OGG?

- Todd
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